Car Sponsorship

For all the weekend warriors who enjoy hitting up track events, autocross, rallycross, and other racing events, I don’t have to tell you how expensive it can get. Entry fees, fuel, brake pads, tires, and other wear parts can add up quickly. Add in travel costs, food, lodging, and you can easily spend several hundreds of dollars for a race weekend. How about the modifications you want to do to help make your car more competitive and fun to drive at the events? Bottom line, it’s not a cheap hobby.

So how can one offset the costs of racing? The answer is, car sponsorship. The idea is to sell businesses on the idea of providing you with free or discounted parts, cash, or both, to help you in your quest to compete in your local racing events. The trick is to show them that sponsoring you and your car will bring them something tangible in return. They’ll want to see a return on investment.

Most people know the basic workings of a sponsorship deal. The sponsor provides you with parts or cash (or both) and you slap a decal on your car and mention them at events. Maybe you even wear a shirt with their logo on it. With the sponsor’s help, you rack up event wins and help bring the sponsor more customers in the process. Or at least that’s how it has traditionally worked over the years.

Don’t think the local businesses in your area will buy in? Jump online and take advantage of the web to open up more opportunities. More and more companies are marketing their products and services online, making it easier to identify potential sponsors. Would they consider sponsoring you even if you aren’t local to them? Absolutely! In fact, you might even have an easier time securing sponsorship deals from companies outside your local area. 

Is it easy to obtain sponsorship? No. It’s far tougher than it used to be. In the past you’d sell the sponsor on the idea that you’d be competing in events with large crowds to help bring them the most exposure, and that their decal would be seen on a competitive car, which would help bring them exposure. That doesn’t cut it anymore. Sponsors want more than that. They expect to see you mentioning them on your blog, in social media, in online forums, etc. The internet will not only introduce you to more potential sponsors, it will act as a tool for you to attract sponsors and bring your sponsors more exposure.

For more tips and techniques on obtaining car sponsorship, racing sponsorship, and strategies to help you land more sponsorship deals using the web, visit the Car Sponsorship Guide.


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